The foremost leaders in lifelong learning will be at the eLearning Journeys Conference. Join them in Rzeszów!

Władysław Ortyl


Rafał Lew-Starowicz

Zastępca dyrektora, Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej

Myron Cizdyn

The BLPS Group
Organizing Partner

Artur Dyro

Founder & CEO
Organizing Committee

Michael Jay

Educational Systemics
Organizing Committee

Dr. Rafal Sztembis

Życie po zawale
Organizing Committee

Alan Greenberg

Co-Founder & SVP Wideacademy
Non Exec Board Director WideCells Group Plc

Krzysztof Głomb

Prezes Zarządu,
"Miasta w Internecie"

Bridget Foster

SVP and Managing

Elliot Soloway

Univ. of Michigan;
Collabrify.IT, Inc.

Eileen M. Lento

PhD, prev. WW Director of Marketing and Advocacy, Intel Corporation

Fred Bramante

President, National Center for Competency-Based Learning

Santeri Koivisto

CEO, 5 More Minutes Ltd.; Managing Partner, TeacherGaming LLC

Konrad Przyłudzki

Softnauts Software

José Borghino

Secretary General at International Publishers Association

Piotr Bucki

X Ventures

Luann Fortune, PhD

College of Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences, Saybrook Univ.

Prof. Stanisław Dylak

Kierownik Zakładu Pedeutologii Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza

Prof. Maciej Sysło

profesor, matematyk, informatyk Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Yaroslav Prytula

Director, CS@ UCU
Ukrainian Catholic

Dr. Stanisław Mazur

Centrum Medycznego

Tereza Bořecká

Apple Distinguished Educator, Základní škola Brno

Krzysztof Kielan, MD

Consultant Psychiatrist
Hull York Medical School
Navigo CIC · Psychiatry

Oleksii Molchanovskyi

Prometheus MOOC
Ukrainian Catholic Univ.

Liliya Borovets

Global Shapers Lviv Hub
Center for Innovative Education pro.Svit


  • -

    School Workshops

    Opening: Our Goals for Today & Overview
    eLearning Practices - Math and Science
    Developing Digital Content for PreK-12
    Administering a Tech Rich Learning Environment
    eLearning Practices - Social Science and Language Arts
    Policies that Promote Innovative use of Ed Tech
    Managing an IT Environment that Supports Learners & Educators
    Keynote & Closing: Applying What We Have Learned

  • -

    Higher Education Workshops

    Opening: Our Goals for Today & Overview
    Engaging Postsecondary Learners with Interactivity
    MOOCs and Traditional Higher Educational : Convergence or Divergence?
    Private Vocational and Professional Training Complementing Universities
    Developing Content Architectures for Microcertifications
    Success Stories in Higher Education
    Aligning Postsecondary Learning Objectives With the Workplace
    Keynote & Closing: Applying What We Have Learned

  • -

    Press Center

    Open during the entire conference for interviews and to disseminate information.

  • -

    Directed Networking

    In partnership with Educational Systemics, a dedicated room for directed business network, open for half the day. Networking will be directed primarily to startups and emerging companies, and will include listening and presenting companies in a pre-planned format.

  • -


    Display areas for the public and practitioners (teachers, students, doctors and so forth) demonstrating the school, business and medical environments optimized for learning in the 21st century. These laboratories will include seminars for startups and growing companies to learn about the parameters needed for eLearning development.

  • -


    Why Have We Returned for a Second Conference? A diverse panel from each of our segments recaps of 2016 conference and discusses progress in each segment for the last year.

  • -


    How, Where and Why People Learn, and How We Can Reach Them. Engagement is central to learning in general and especially to eLearning. What are the commonalities in learner engagement in school, business, medical and higher / vocational education? How can we learn lessons from each other’s segments to improve our results in every area?

  • -

    Economic Effects

    The Economics and Benefits of Learning Across All Segments. What are the concrete benefits of eLearning to governments and private enterprise. What are the monetary effects of a more informed citizenry, a healthier public, and a superior educational system? Studies have consistently shown that business has a central role to play in the two factors most important to economic growth: wellness and education. This keynote examines the positive effects of eLearning on macroeconomics.

  • -

    Beyond Investment

    Product Development at the Core of Your Business. How do we build the products essential to eLearning? What are the categories of products and what are the innovations being made in learning platforms for professional and schools? This keynote shows some case studies of successful business built on learning, in Poland, Europe and beyond.

  • -

    Beyond Tools: Innovations and Enhancements Inside the Outside the Classroom

    Online learning has broken down barriers between physical and virtual spaces. It has also eliminated barriers between school, higher education, vocational, career, medical and corporate learning. Competency-based, personalized and project-based learning require a holistic view of the learning process that goes beyond the above distinctions and embraces lifelong learning.

  • -

    Learning in the Present, Classrooms, Companies and Medical Institutions of the Future Panel

    A panel including visionaries from Poland, Europe and the United States to discuss the results of the laboratories. What does the future of learning hold as the physical and virtual worlds collide and merge, especially with virtual and augmented reality?

  • -

    Investing in eLearning Panel: Going Beyond the Tools to Get Results.

    A panel of distinguished and experienced investors discusses how to make eLearning viable as a business proposition, and how to advance entrepreneurship in this highly beneficial area.

  • -

    Closing Keynote: Our Action Plan for the Next Year.

    What are our takeaways from this conference, and what can we do programmatically and academically to advance the cause of eLearning?

  • -

    Corporate Workshops: 19 October 2017

    Opening: Our Goals for Today & Overview
    Beyond Training: Work-Life Balance Begins With Learning
    Connecting Corporate Training with Curricular Learning
    One-To-One Business Connections
    Industrial Training, Apprenticeships, and Career Advancement
    Connecting NGO’s and Industry Clusters With Each Other: Manufacturing, Technology & Education
    Aviation and Beyond: Podkarpackie’s Future in eLearning
    Keynote & Closing: Applying What We Have Learned

  • -

    Medical Workshops: 19 October 2017

    Opening: Our Goals for Today & Overview
    Health and Wellness: The Primary Condition for Learning & Happiness
    Panel: The Psychology of Wellness
    Panel: Growth Markets in Health & Medicine
    Panel: Promoting a Holistic View of Health for Families
    Engaged Workshop: The User Experience of Wellness, Not Illness, in Clinics & Hospitals
    Panel: Device, Insurance & Pharma Working Together to Create a Sustainable Model
    Keynote & Closing: Moving Forward

G2A Arena in Rzeszów

G2A Arena in Rzeszów is the largest convention complex in Podkarpackie, hosting business, political and scientific gathering from all of Europe while showcasing the scientific, social, manufacturing and technological achievements of the province. It's the perfect place to organize meetings with potential investors, as well as for training, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions.