I help companies hone and position their message. I put cognitive psychology and neurosciences into practice to make entrepreneurs communicate their value proposition with success.

My main areas of interest are:

  • communication strategies
  • storytelling and psycholinguistics
  • branding and marketing
  • Research and development rooted in consumer psychology
  • cognitive science

I am an architect who does not design, academic teacher who does not fit schemes, communication fanatic addicted to analyses and social psychologist always looking for WHY? I consider myself a modern day Hermes – a researcher who combines different inspirations to come up with new solutions. I collect ideas and merge them into new ones. And I love to build it all on solid neuroscientific base.

I am a top polish specialist when it comes to communication strategies and pitching. Having worked with more than 300 startups so far I have had a high success rate. The entrepreneurs I have worked with won prestigious startups competitions like Wolves Summit, Copenhagen Creative Cup and many more. But most of all I help entrepreneurs close the deals assisting startups with crafting a perfect pitch and communication strategies.

As a freelance consultant, I work with companies big and small, local and global, offering them support and and knowledge necessary to tackle communication strategies. I also teach and train in a wide range of communication related areas. Marketing, PR, Branding, UX, Copywriting – name it and I will gather data, analyze and come up with tools & stories to support your project.

I work mainly in Marketing and R&D but I also teach at different universities including WSB, SGH and SWPS. I have worked with Maleman and Dolce Vita lifestyle magazines. My main areas of interest are – UX, visual communication, PR and Marketing strategies. I am an early adopter surrounded by amazing mavens. In my work I use all the tools possible to come up with the most precise consumer insights. I loves to discover zeitgeists and personas. I have also translated numerous books on psychology, self-help and therapy. I am one of the co-authors and consultants behind The Startup Manual published globally in 2015 and an author of BuckiAcademy Series of self-help flashcards published in 2016.

For more info visit: www.bucki.pro