Doctor of Psychology, graduate of Polish Philology in the University of Gdańsk. She received the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) in London and has completed the CELTA course (Certificate in English Teaching to Adults) in Warsaw.
She holds a special education therapy diploma. Co-author of the first in the Polish market methodological guide for English teachers especially prepared for teaching people with specific difficulties in learning to read and write, “Dyslexia in the English Classroom”, and also the author of many publications concerning dyslexic development in the context of learning foreign languages e.g. “Dysleksja w kontekście języków obcych”, “Psychologii w szkole” and “Między nami polonistami”. She has participated in several international projects devoted to helping people with dyslexia e.g. Projekt Focus Alpha Project, Grundtvig, Leonardo Include. Katarzyna was the dyslexic consultant in the creation of a new teachers’ book for “New English Zone” from authors D. Newbold and R. Nolasco (published by Oxford University Press). Since 1996 she has been working as an English teacher. She has experience in teaching both in the state school system as well as English courses for private English schools, in Poland and the UK (Bell, Distinction, Stanley’s School of Languages). For many years Katarzyna has specialized in helping people with dyslexia. In 2012-2015 she worked at the Institute for Educational Research in Warsaw as an assistant professor. Her research interests include: developmental dyslexia, special educational needs, methodology of teaching foreign languages, educational psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, linguistics, and psycholinguistics.